Scotts (Bonus S Feed & Feed)

ISSUE: Bonus S Weed & Feed did a poor job of "weeding". Strange because always worked in past.

RESOLUTION: Incorrect reimbursement check received.

COMPANY RATING: Four stars (out of five).

So I waited for the perfect day. It was cool (around 70 degrees), overcast and the rain was on its way. I ran to Home Depot and bought the same product I always buy for my Spring weed and feed. Scotts Bonus S is designed specifically for Southern grass like mine and I was very happy with it for the past three seasons since living in Miami.

I got the spreader out and covered the entire lawn just before the rains came. It was really a perfect application!

Over the next two weeks, the lawn turned a rich green, significantly darker than my neighbors. So far so good. Unfortunately, the clover that was starting to cover my back yard decided the weed and feed was feed. Yes, the clover grew heartily and has now taken over.

That's when I called Scotts to take advantage of their guarantee.

I was very impressed with the phone support. I was quickly and efficiently routed to a live person who listened to my issue and offered to refund me my purchase price. I then asked to speak to a specialist to see if there might be a better product for my lawn. To my surprise, a supervisor got on the line and spent nearly 40 minutes with me trying to help determine what went wrong and how to avoid the issue going forward. Although we didn't end up with a solution, I was amazed that Scotts would spend such time and become invested in my success with my lawn.

After hanging up, I sent them a letter with the receipt from my purchase. I was told that I'd get a check in 5-10 business days. Unfortunately, that has yet to arrive, but I have high hopes because of how well the rest of this issue has been handled to date.

Update: Well, the check arrived with a nice letter about how to achieve success with Scotts products. They go into great detail about temperature, moisture and potential reasons why the Scotts Bonus S did not work on my weed issue. Overall, an excellent letter.

Unfortunately, the check was written for the wrong amount. They basically didn't read my letter which showed that I didn't have one of the receipts, so I attached the UPC. They also "can't reimburse taxes paid" which I've never heard of before.

So, this potential 5-star cheer must now be tamed to a 4-star rating. I've decided not to call back and persue the missing refund amount.