1-800-MATTRESS (Sealy)

ISSUE: Sealy mattress “failed” to stand up to normal wear and tear within 2 years of purchase.

RESOLUTION: New mattress was delivered after 1-800-MATTRESS represented my case to Sealy.

COMPANY RATING: Five stars (out of five)

We’ve purchased our last three mattresses from 1-800-MATTRESS and each time we find another reason to like this company. (Please note this is a franchise business, so "your local mileage may vary")

This time, we bought and used a new Sealy mattress for about 18 months when we saw rapid deterioration. My wife and I were basically sleeping in two separate foxholes on one queen mattress. We had rotated the mattress as per the instructions, but it just plain old was failing.

I made a single call to 1-800-MATTRESS and was pleasantly transferred to their customer relations department where Mark gave me my options...

Essentially, 1-800-MATTRESS would represent my case to Sealy to have the unit replaced. There were some forms to fill out, specific measurements to perform and pictures to take, which I completed, and then a 1-4 day period while Sealy reviewed the case.

Once I submitted the materials, Mark called back the same day and said that because my mattress did have measurements outside the "normal tolerances" to be approved for a replacement, I should use a strong cover letter so that he could forward that to Sealy as to why the mattress was not acceptable to us.

The following day, I got another call from Mark at 1-800-MATTRESS saying that Sealy had approved the replacement. Further, both Sealy and 1-800-MATTRESS suggested a different type of mattress construction that would better suit us (no pillow top feature, which apparently has a tendency to crush down like ours did).

My replacement mattress arrived about 4 days later and unfortunately was not firm enough. The delivery men were very polite and happy to take it back. There was no charge and no hassle whatsoever.

One more call to Mark (on a Sunday no less!) yielded another mattress selection and delivery that same day. Further, after a brief discussion, they actually loaded two mattresses on the truck and gave the ability to test and select a mattress on site.

I paid $29 for the delivery and now rest (comfortably) on my new Sealy mattress. CHEERS to the fabulous customer service at 1-800-MATTRESS.